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Support Agent

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Sales Agent

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E-Learning Agents

E-Learning Agent

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Humanity Online is changing the face of the global economy - Bring your website and online marketing to life with the power of human emotion. Launch your web presence into the future with a virtual agent who is as unique as the service you provide. Unlike text and images on traditional websites, Virtual Agents emotionally connect with visitors and humanize the online experience.

A customized Virtual Agent extends the reach of your support staff - engaging visitors to your website in an entirely new and unique way. Studies have shown, when a virtual rep requests you fill out a form or call a sales consultant, you are far more likely to respond positively than if you were reading the same request.

Increase efficiencies throughout your organization with truly groundbreaking technology that is surprisingly affordable:

  • » Sales
  • » Marketing - including banner ads, mobile messaging and email campaigns
  • » Customer Service - Agents available 24/7
  • » Training
  • » Corporate Communications
  • » Human Resources
Add the power of personal connection to your website. Your Virtual Agent is a smiling face with advantages that are striking in situations requiring a high degree of trust to finalize the transaction. Fresh ideas for growing your business - providing the satisfaction and retention you need in today's marketplace.